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Gage park graduating athlete spotlight

Chicago over the next few weeks we will be getting to know some of the outstanding and talented students and athletes from gage park high school.Chosen by their website, each student will answer a few questions with regard to activities.

Immediately, we satisfy sophomore, electronic bueno, who took part in the chicago marathon challenge with the gage park high school cross-Country team.

I have been in x-Country since the 2011 season as a freshmen in high school.I am in girl varsity x-Country.During my 2012 season of x-Country i was able to become way better than i was freshmen year.I didn think i could be a good runner until my junior year, but i made it happen!I am the top varsity girl on x-Country.Not only was i able to beat my private times but i was able to beat the times of the school record for girls.I took the two mile record from a junior with a time period of 14:11 and the three mile record from a senior with a time period of 21:31.Now i have to push myself even harder because i am only gonna be rivaling myself for record time.

What got you into sports in the first instance?

What got me into sport was shopping to just get fit.I joined to get healthy and lose a few pounds.Another thing was that my friends were on the team and some other people i knew that came from my elementary school.I just thought of cross country as a sport to add some muscle and have fun.

Any alternative sports do you play?Which is the best?

I should say also am in track and field, but i love both sports just.Track and field tests me more on how fast i can go and beating my foes.While cross country challenges me to run farther and faster immediately.

What is all the sports team?

My favorite sports team is the mexican team.They recently won start at the summer olympics this year.This was their initially wining the soccer title in the olympics.

What is the preferred non sports related activity?

My personal favorite non sports related activity is reading.I adore books and i enjoy read.I a fast reader so i can go through books in days and move right along to the following.I just think reading is an activity thing that relaxes me, on top of that, at an identical, time its fun to escape into the book and what it is about.

Are you planning on playing college sports?Where are you checking out?

I do plan on running while attending college.I know i going to do cross-Country all four years in high school and since i don want to waste all the hard work i have done to get where i am today i will run in college and try to get even better.I plan on running for institution of illinois at urbana champagne.They have a solid cross-Country team with great coaches.One of their girl athletes finished 9th in a 5k at a big ten champion.

What website do you say you visit the most frequently day to day?

The website i visit typically would be pandora.I love being music when i go out for a long run, when we have a boot camp workout our coach puts pandora on and let us listen to our most popular type of music.I also go on pandora when i do my study, clean and on my way to highschool.

What is the preferred tv show?Motive why then?

My favorite tv show might need to be law and order:Special patients unit.This show is action packed and provides extensive of drama.Besides the show deal with criminal law but it shows the emotions of not only the victims but the detectives who are assigned the case.This show and be appealing and sad at time, but i will watch it array of else is on.

What tipS would you offer Someone Seeking to into your Sport(S)?

The tips i would give someone trying to join a sport can be to have fun.Don join a sport if you don appreciate it.The more you like it the more better could possibly improve in it.Don’t forget to set goals that you can reach.When you set goals you see yourself accomplishing things and want to keep dancing.You see yourself recovering.The very last thing i would say is never be harsh on yourself, some people are just better at the sport than you are either because they have years of training or since they are born with that natural talent.Never compare you to ultimately them, you won’t be the same as that other person.

What do groupe-lagrange you like to do for fun on saturday?

What i like to do on the weekends is hang out with my family, like eating out, visiting members of the family or staying home and watching movies together.I also like to visit enjoy myself.I like browsing park, dunkin donuts to get a iced latte and the mall to buy clothes.

What is your Lacoste Swimming selected social media?

My favorite social media is facebook because all my friends go on it and i can easily contact them online.I love the funny pictures people post on their pages.I also communicate with people i dont see anymore or have moved away, now i can just send them a message to see how they actually do.